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Portrait of Colonel Benestr Tarleton, Reynolds, 1782

Portrait of Colonel Benestr Tarleton, Reynolds, 1782

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Portrait of Colonel Benestr Tarleton - Joshua Reynolds. 236x145.5

In the workshop of Reynolds (1723-1792) there were outstanding English figures. Colonel Benestr Tarleton portrayed by a dashing officer. He participated in hostilities in North America and returned to England in early 1782. Subsequently, Tarleton became a member of parliament, general, and baron.

In the portrait, the man is presented in the form of an officer of the British Legion, more precisely, a cavalry regiment, called the Tarleton Green Horse, which he commanded. It is assumed that the flag imprinted on the canvas belongs to the mentioned legion. The hero is depicted on the battlefield, in the smoke of exploding shells. At his feet are the banners of defeated opponents. In 1781, the military lost two fingers on his right hand, this is delicately seen by Reynolds. In 2003, Tarleton became the hero of the novel by Canadian writer Chris Humphries "Jack Absolute."

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