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"Still life with a drinking horn, lobster and glasses", Willem Kalf - description of the painting

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Still life with a drinking horn belonging to the guild of shooters of St. Sebastian, lobster and glasses - Willem Kalf. 86.4x102.2

Willem Kalf was one of the leading masters of still life in the 17th century Holland. In his mature works, the artist created a type of harmoniously grouped still life with expensive, richly decorated objects from light-reflecting materials - gold, silver, tin or glass. His art reached the peak in the Amsterdam period of creativity in bewitching, collectively called "luxurious still lifes."

The set of objects in such paintings did not symbolize the idea of ​​mortality and vanity of earthly existence, but embodied the wealth of the Dutch Republic. Nevertheless, certain characters in this still life are available. So, the drinking horn, still a masterpiece of Amsterdam jewelers, stored in the Historical Museum in Amsterdam, is supported by a sculptural group of two Roman soldiers and St. Sebastian, who was considered the patron saint of the city guild of shooters (he was tortured by Roman archer soldiers). Since everything in the canvas speaks of the guild of St. Sebastian, it is logical to assume that the work was written for her. The guild was very rich, and Kalf's “luxurious still life” corresponded to her status.

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