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Blessing Christ, Antonello da Messina

Blessing Christ, Antonello da Messina

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Blessing Christ - Antonello da Messina. 38.7x29.8

Antonello da Messina (circa 1430-1479) is a prominent representative of the Italian school of painting of the Early Renaissance. The mature work of the master is a fusion of Italian and Dutch elements.

The image of the blessing Christ It is a variant of the iconographic type, which received the definition of “Salvator Mopdi” (from Latin - “Savior of the World”). Christ is depicted without a power, a symbol of power, and not crowned. His all-pervading gaze and blessing gesture attract attention. The hand raised above the frame is written with a clear perspective reduction. She was supposed to amaze contemporaries with the illusion that she stood for the plane of the picture and was directed directly to the viewer in front of her. A close look reveals that part of the painting layer has been erased, and a slightly different initial position of the hand is visible under it.

It is noteworthy that one or two decades later, a similar image will be created twice by Hans Memling. This proves that not only the Dutch masters influenced Italian contemporaries, it was and vice versa.

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