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Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredano, Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini

Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredano, Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini

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Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredano - Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini. 61.6x45.1

The great artist, Giovanni (Giambellino) Bellini, the second son of Jacopo Bellini, the founder of the dynasty, has always been at the epicenter of the political and spiritual life of Venice. The master died at the age of 86.

"Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredano" - one of the most striking portraits in European art. On this canvas he is presented in official vestments, which traditionally depicted the rulers of Venice in ceremonial portraits. The work was written in the then-popular style of portrait busts, the examples of which were monuments of Roman sculpture.

The painting was made at the very beginning of the twenty-year reign of the Doge. His steel look leaves no doubt about the rigidity of future rule, marked by the almost unceasing struggle of the Venetian Republic with numerous enemies. The portrait has a magical effect: the longer you look at it, the more it rivets to itself. The Doge was not a monarch, king or king, but the viewer feels its exclusivity. And this is the exclusivity of personality, not of dignity.

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