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San Giovanni e Paolo Cathedral and Piazza San Marco, Antonio Canal

San Giovanni e Paolo Cathedral and Piazza San Marco, Antonio Canal

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Cathedral of San Giovanni e Paolo and Piazza San Marco - Antonio Canal (Canaletto). 125x165

The Dresden Gallery presents two artists nicknamed Canaletto - Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768), who owns the painting "Cathedral of San Giovanni e Paolo and Piazza San Marco" and his nephew Bernardo Bellotto. Both of them became famous in one genre - Vedut (from the Italian “veduta” - “look”), which was especially popular in Venice in the 18th century and is a picture, drawing or engraving with a detailed image of the everyday city landscape.

The picture shows one of the largest and most famous cathedrals in Venice. The accuracy and detail in the master’s canvases are combined with amazing poetry. This is noticeable in itself, but it becomes striking when comparing his works with modern photographs of the same monuments. The artist’s works for subsequent generations of viewers have become a kind of documentary evidence of the appearance and condition of the city.

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