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“The Appearance of Christ to the People (Apparition of the Messiah)”, A. A. Ivanov - description of the painting

“The Appearance of Christ to the People (Apparition of the Messiah)”, A. A. Ivanov - description of the painting

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The Appearance of Christ to the People (Apparition of the Messiah) - Alexander Andreevich Ivanov. 540x570

A. Ivanov, having graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, received the right to a retirement trip to Europe and in 1831 settled in Rome, where he came up with the idea of ​​creating a grandiose canvas, a plot that no artist had ever addressed, - first appearance of the Messiah. The artist took this moment as embodying the whole meaning of the Gospel.

An important role in the work is played by landscape. In numerous sketches, one can see how the significance of the landscape in which the events take place is increasing in the picture. Working on a panorama of the world, Ivanov turned directly to nature, his coloristic discoveries in the transmission of sunlight and a light-air environment in many ways predetermined the search for impressionists in the second half of the 19th century.

In 1858, the artist returned to St. Petersburg and brought with him a canvas, but it did not make a special impression on the Russian public and criticism. The innovative ideas introduced by Ivanov into art - the breadth of the formulation of philosophical and aesthetic problems, a deep interest in history, attention to nature - were fully appreciated by artists of the late XIX - early XX centuries.

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