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“Cavalier Rump and his lover”, Frans Hals - description of the painting

“Cavalier Rump and his lover”, Frans Hals - description of the painting

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Cavalier Rump and his lover - Frans Hals. 105.4 x 79.4

Frans Hals's painting seems to be saturated with the juices of modern Holland, a young burgher republic. People in the artist’s paintings are full of vital energy.

The soldier depicted on the canvas is resting after the labors of service. All is well in fun and hoppy cavalier ramp: standing on the doorstep of a vegetable marrow, with one hand he raises a goblet of wine, and with the other strokes a faithful dog, a girlfriend clung to the shoulder of a happy reveler.

Such paintings by Hals are close to Flemish painting with its perception of life as a feast. At the time of writing this work, the artist had already declared himself as an adherent of the genre portrait, in which he not only revealed the psychology of man, but talked about his life. Interestingly, the plot of the canvas echoes the gospel parable of the prodigal son, who, having fun, wasted his inheritance. But Hals has no shade of morality: he sincerely admires a man who loves life. To focus attention in this story on the motive of carefree fun - quite in the spirit of Dutch artists, it suffices to recall Rembrandt's picture "Self-portrait with Saskia on her lap."

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