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"Landscape with a boat off the coast (Quarry-Cenis-Denny)", Andre Deren - description of the painting

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Landscape with a boat off the coast (Quarry Seny Denny) - Andre Derain. 100 x 65

The French painter Andre Derain began his career at the turn of the century. He was one of the most proactive members of the Fauvist group, was fond of Cezannism, was friends with Matisse and Picasso, who introduced him to Cubism. Derain also drew inspiration from the works of old masters and nature itself.

In “Landscape with a boat near the shore” the artist returns to the classical simplicity of the composition. The painting very conditionally conveys the landscape, but at the same time it is inspired by it. Houses built of local stone, trees, nailed to the shore of the boat convey the character of the terrain of the coastal Alps. The artist deliberately reduced the number of colors on his palette, leaving only yellowish, brown, gray-blue and green to reproduce the gamut of this sunny area. In the arrangement of houses, trees and even grass, the influence of cubism is felt. However, most of all in the picture one can feel the influence of old masters - primitives of the Italian Siena school.

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