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Painting "Entrance of a fishing vessel into a storm in the harbor of Saint-Valery in Co.", A. P. Bogolyubov


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Entrance of a fishing vessel into the storm in the harbor of Saint-Valery in Co (France) - Alexey Petrovich Bogolyubov. 121x189

Alexey Petrovich Bogolyubov (1824-1896) - a brilliant master of marine and battle landscapes of the second half of the XIX century. Having received recognition from the Russian public for completed views of St. Petersburg with the majestic embankments of the Neva, he moved to Europe, where he stayed for a long time in Rome and Paris. There, along with I. S. Turgenev, Bogolyubov became the head of the Russian diaspora, even organized a society to help artists who came to the French capital to study. Bogolyubov was close to the imperial house, was engaged in painting with the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich and the future Empress Maria Fedorovna, repeatedly accompanied members of the royal family on trips to Russia and Europe.

Picture "Entrance of a fishing vessel into a storm in the harbor of Saint-Valery in Co." unfolds in front of the viewer a panorama of the Mediterranean coast. Sailors are trying to moor a ship to the city pier, carried away by the stormy predawn sea. Masterfully written waves, driven by a strong wind, the transparency of the waters and the correctly noticed changeable state of the sky are given out in Bogolyubov by an observant artist. His subtle and graceful pictorial style gives rise to admiration of the public and the desire of other artists to imitate him.

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