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Seafood, Jacopo Dzukki, 1585

Seafood, Jacopo Dzukki, 1585

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Seafood - Jacopo Dzukki. 55x45

The Florentine mannerist Jacopo Zucchi (circa 1542 - circa 1596) created many works to decorate palaces and villas. One of them is a small canvas "Seafood"representing an allegory of the discovery of America.

Nereids and a sea god are sitting on a rocky island, their bodies are decorated with pearls and corals, and treasures are scattered around - pearls and shells of various shapes, among which you can also see a coral twig, large crayfish and a snail. The whole sea to the horizon is full of underwater beauty hunters diving and sailing in boats, and on the islands visible in the distance people also celebrate the generosity of the water element.

This picture is filled with lightness and fun, a monkey introduces beads and earrings into it with a humorous shade. Carefully written down by lovely details, the artist gave his work the decorativeness that his customers so valued. But with all the ease of the depicted, it carries a deep meaning: as the Renaissance humanists taught after the ancient philosophers, life in the bosom of nature not only calms a person, but also improves him.

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