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“Adoration of the Shepherds”, Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

“Adoration of the Shepherds”, Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

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Adoration of the Shepherds - Jacopo Bassano. 76x94

The works of Jacopo Bassano, whose painting belongs to the Venetian school, are colorful, multi-figured and filled with movement. The master loved dense compositions with characters depicted in complex poses that look natural in his paintings.

So, Our Lady in this Adoration of the Shepherds halfway to the viewer, and this angle allowed the artist to convey Her delicate and delicate profile, trepidation and grace. At the same time, a complex movement begins from the figures of Mary and Joseph standing behind Her in the picture, which goes from the Mother of God to the Baby, then to the shepherd, turned sideways to the front plane of the canvas, and returns, describing the "eight", to the beginning. Despite the fact that only a few shepherds are depicted, it seems that there are many who came to worship the Baby. There is literally no free space on the canvas: Bassano placed here a sheep, a dog guarding the herd, and now curled up in a corner, present at the birth of Jesus ox and donkey. This work recalls the words from the 150th psalm of David: “Let all that breathe praise the Lord!”

The elevated internal state of the shepherds echoes the subtle, lyrical mood created by the images of the Mother of God and the Baby, as well as the evening landscape in the distance.

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