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Saint Louis, King of France, and Page, El Greco

Saint Louis, King of France, and Page, El Greco

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Saint Louis, King of France, and Page - El Greco. 120x96.5

In the second half of the 16th century Domenico Teotokopuli (1541-1614), nicknamed El Greco, moved to Italy, from where in 1576 he left for Spain, where he lived until his death. In the canvases of the master, subjectivity in the worldview prevails over reality. As a rule, the heroes of his paintings are placed in surreal mysterious worlds.

El Greco often portrayed saints. In the image of a page for this work, the artist captured his son Jorge Manuel. The figure of Louis IX, canonized by the Catholic Church in 1297, is made in his characteristic manner with elongated proportions, as if directed upward, towards God, emphasizing the height of the spirit of the person depicted. The sad deep gaze of beautiful dark eyes on a thin face, distinguished by its pallor in the overall color of the work, speaks of the deep inner life of Louis.

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