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6th jazz festival in the Kazan Museum of Fine Arts

6th jazz festival in the Kazan Museum of Fine Arts

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Already in The 6th time the Kazan Museum of Fine Arts receives guests from abroad to music festivals. This time it will be called Jazz at the Sandetsky estate. This year the program is very rich - two areas of jazz will be presented - American and European, says museum director Rosalia Nurgaleeva. He also noted that the concert will consist of 8 performances, which will traditionally be held every Thursday in the very center of the city, where the fine museum is now located.

The first to be guests from America are World Trio. The members of this group have been playing jazz for a long time, and they know all the subtleties of this music. In their compositions, it will be possible to hear different directions of jazz, including Russian. Enver Izmailov (Ukraine), two Moscow ensembles - Therr Maitz and Marimba Plus, Andrey Kondakov, Olga Skepner and Oleg Anokhin (all Russia), New York Quintet (USA) will also perform.

But that is not all. Visitors will also be able to look at the masterpieces of art that will be at the exhibition organized as part of this festival. The organizers did not forget that Ivan Shishkin would have turned 180 years old, and this festival is also timed to this date.

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