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Museum of the newspaper, Germany, Aachen

Museum of the newspaper, Germany, Aachen

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Museum of the newspaper in Germany in the city of Aachen opened in 1931. In 1854, walking along the river, he noticed a fisherman who was busy with his catch. Forkenbek suddenly ran to him and hit him, saying that the newspapers were too valuable to wrap fish in them! After the death of Oscar von Forkenbeck, his wife bequeathed to the state 80,000 newspapers and 1,500 books from the collection of the deceased husband. So there was a newspaper museum in Germany, in the city of Aachen.

The museum has several rooms, which are desirable to go in order. In the first hall of the museum, visitors will learn a brief biography of world famous journalists who were the founders of this business. In the second room, you can watch a video about how the media developed - from the Guttenberg machine tool to modern electronic newspapers.

The third hall of the museum is popular. Here with interactive map You can find out various interesting details about almost all the newspapers in the world. Visitors will learn how censorship was performed, and how retouching was carried out, at a time when they still did not know what Photoshop was.

The museum was closed for restoration for two years, and opened closer to 2012. Now the museum has become more interesting and keeps up to date. So some expositions of the museum of newspapers are presented in a multimedia format.

In the near future it is planned to digitize all newspapers and make online library. This is a very time-consuming task that has already been partially completed. On the official website of the museum of newspapers you can see this. - search online library German newspaper museum.

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