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Lenin Museum in Finland, Tampere

Lenin Museum in Finland, Tampere

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Finland is rich in its beauties, so if you decide to visit the city of Tampere, then you are unlikely to be able to pass by historical places. Lenin Museum It is curious, because in our country, Vladimir Ilyich is a person known to date. On the other hand, looking at the exhibits of the museum, nostalgia begins in our hearts and a happy Soviet childhood appears in my memory — these are pioneer camps, songs, chants, and, of course, everyone’s beloved “grandfather Lenin”. This museum, located in Finland, is the only place in the world where the memory of the great leader has been preserved.

Museums in Finland hide a great secret, of course, their expositions slightly decreased in size, but, nevertheless, were able to maintain their beauty. The famous museum shares its building with the theater, and it’s easy to get into the exhibition halls, you need to follow the signs on the walls and in a few minutes you will be there. Museums are incredibly beautiful, they feed us with history and open an interesting line, as if inviting us to become a member of an amazing play. If you follow the signs in the museum, then you can immediately understand that they depict Vladimir Ilyich himself, who directs visitors to the exhibition with a familiar gesture.

In the museum you will find a lot of portraits and paintings depicting the world leader, and you can also get acquainted with old photographs. In one of the photos, Lenin is depicted in makeup. In order to escape persecution and avoid being arrested for political views, Vladimir Ilyich very often had to travel outside the country. If you are a connoisseur of Soviet culture, be sure to visit this museum, which will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions.

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