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Woman with a Parrot - Gustave Courbet. 129.5 x 195.5

Gustave Courbet He chose everyday life as the main field of research for his works, trying to free it from any layers - philosophical, theoretical, moral, religious or political. He refuses any schemes, conventions, prejudices, tastes. Realism is not only an aesthetic basis for the artist, but also reveals his moral principles.

Woman pictured by Courbet, - not an odalisk or a romantic heroine, but an ordinary girl, lazily lying alone on a sofa and playing with her parrot. The color is reduced to a few basic colors - white, green and brown - with the only bright colorful accent on the plumage of a bird. Against the almost monochrome background of the ornamental carpet and the barely outlined landscape, the girl’s body stands out, from which comes direct and unconscious sensuality, perfectly conveyed by the artist.

The painting exhibited in Paris at the Salon of 1866 was not accepted by critics and the well-meaning bourgeoisie, who were indignant at the lack of taste, awkward posture and disheveled hair of the model. However, Manet praised the work and in the same year wrote its version, also called "Woman with a Parrot."

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