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Coronation of Mary, Raphael Santi

Coronation of Mary, Raphael Santi

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Coronation of Mary - Rafael Santi. 272x165

One of those Renaissance artists whose work is marked by heavenly harmony, Raphael painted this altar image for the Oddi chapel of the church of San Francesco al Prato in Perugia.

The upper part shows scene of the coronation of Our Lady after her ascension to heaven. Christ lays a crown on Mary’s head, and angels play music and cherubim fly around. Below, the apostles look at what is happening, standing around the empty tomb, where the body of the Madonna rested until her resurrection, and now there are white lilies that symbolize her integrity, and roses are the flowers of the Queen of Heaven.

Created by the painter in his youth, the painting is close in style to the works of his teacher - Pietro Perugino. The influence was expressed in a combination of deep and rich tones of red, green, yellow - and in some graphic depiction. But the special musicality that permeates the whole work was peculiar to Raphael’s art.

The predella of this altar image included three small paintings - “The Annunciation”, “The Adoration of the Magi” and “Bringing to the Temple”.

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