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Madonna and Child with Saints ("Madonna dei Frari"), Titian

Madonna and Child with Saints (

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Madonna and Child with Saints ("Madonna dei Frari") - Titian Vecellio. 410x279

Created by Titian in the middle of his life, when he became the first Venetian artist, this painting is an example of his full-blooded, powerful painting, marked by rich color. It was written for the church of San Niccolb dei Frari in Lido, near Venice.

Madonna and Child on her knees and angels descends on the sides in a cloud to St. Catherine, Nicholas, Peter, Anthony, Francis and Sebastian. A vision visits them in a church with uncovered arches. Each of the participants in what is happening experiences the appearance of the Virgin with little Christ in his own way, but they are all connected by a deep sense of the solemnity of the moment. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that the saints, who either look up or with their inner eyes contemplate the sky coming down to them, seem to see themselves a little from below. All the characters were painted by the artist in a vivid and tangible way, so that people in the church believed in the reality of the depicted and were in a joyful and trembling state.

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