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Painting Mans Breakfast on the Grass, 1863, Description

Painting Mans Breakfast on the Grass, 1863, Description

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Breakfast on the Grass - Edouard Manet. 1863

Manet was the idol of those who believed that painting in France had ceased to develop and needed updating. He was not going to rebel and really wanted his paintings to be appreciated.

On May 15, 1863, the famous Salon of the Outcast opened, where artists, whom the jury refused the right to participate in the official exhibition, could show their canvases. Since the number of candidates rejected by the official jury was large, Emperor Napoleon III, wishing to gain a reputation as a defender of freedoms, suggested organizing a separate exposition for them.

It was Mane who exposed his “Breakfast on the Grass” (1863) in the “Salon of the Outcast”which criticism and the public considered completely "inedible." Especially they squealed about the fact that the gentlemen on Mane’s canvas, hung out on the "exhibition of the so-called painting, were given in full parade, and for some reason the ladies were nude." In this painting, they saw "the call of the artist to common sense."

Then this picture turned out to be almost one defender. But what a! Zola wrote: “In the picture you need to see not breakfast on the grass, but the whole landscape with strong and thin places, a wide and stable foreground and so light and delicate backgrounds. It is strong flesh modeled by powerful streams of light. A corner of nature conveyed with such truthfulness and simplicity. ” Zola became Mane's friend and protector for many years.

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