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Japanese Snowflake Museum

Japanese Snowflake Museum

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Winter is a beautiful, beautiful time. As you probably already guessed in this article, we will consider Museum of Snowflakes, which is located in Japan on the island of Hokkaido. It should be noted that this is the only museum of its kind in the world, therefore it is doubly interesting.

Snowflake 1Snowflake 2Snowflake 3Snowflake 4

Let's step back a little from the topic and find out in more detail what snowflakes are. I must say that snowflake - This is such a substance, which is 95% air. That is why the speed of its fall is very low, which allows us to enjoy its beauty in the fall, and even photograph a snowflake. All snowflakes are hexagonal without exception. But the most important thing is not this, but the fact that not a single snowflake repeats another. Can you imagine what that means? To clarify the situation, we’ll announce that one cubic meter of snow contains approximately 350 million snowflakes. This is truly a miracle of nature, which is reflected in the Japanese Museum of Snowflakes.

Founder of the Snowflake Museum - Nakaya Ukichiro, a scientist whose name is and bears a museum. For a very long time, scientists could not photograph a snowflake, nor examine it under a microscope. Now, when the last word is left to science, you can make very high-quality photos. Therefore, in the museum of snowflakes you will find a huge number of photographs of snowflakes that will delight you. The exposition of the museum is very diverse. It is convenient to view exhibits by walking along a spiral staircase. The museum itself is located in snowy caves, which, for a short period of time, led to a beautiful view. The museum blows a little cool, but it should be so, because you are in the museum of snowflakes!

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