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Painting Rest, 1911, John Singer Sargent

Painting Rest, 1911, John Singer Sargent

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Rest - John Singer Sargent. 63.8x76.2

John Singer Sargent - An American cosmopolitan artist who worked a lot in Europe. He gained the fame of the most outstanding portrait painter "belle epocque" - "the beautiful era."

One of Sargent's best works is "Rest". Working on this picture, he seemed to enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate the virtuosity of the brush. In his portraits close to the impression technique, the painter sought to convey the impression of visible objects, a variety of shadows and color variations. The artist writes with special love a complexly draped cape with a model ornament and light distribution on a voluminous dress, adding color reflections of a blue-gray tone. In this work, created for himself, Sargent is absolutely free from the responsibility that he felt when he painted custom portraits. The title of the work and the free pose of the heroine, who lay down to rest on the sofa, in a sense shows this. Performing portraits of rich and famous people, the master constantly compromised, trying to portray people not as they were, but as they wanted to see themselves.

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