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National Toy Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

National Toy Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

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This article will immerse you in more than 70 years of history of one of the most remarkable museums in Ukraine. This “National Toy Museum of Ukraine”in which, with the caring hands of its creators, a huge collection of various toys was assembled.

A few words about the history of the museum

Officially, the museum’s opening date is January 1, 2005. However, the idea of ​​such an exhibition appeared in 1933, and, from that moment, exhibits began to gather for the future collection of the museum. And already by 1936 the first exhibition of these same exhibits took place. After that, there was only an increase in the number of exhibits. At the moment, the museum has over 10 thousand toys at its disposal. More about the history of this place and nothing to say. He did not have big shocks, and the exhibits, by and large, “for everybody”, were never stolen. Now the museum pleases visitors (especially small ones) and immerses everyone in the wonderful world of toys.

Exposition of the "National Toy Museum of Ukraine"

In the museum you can see toys that have been collected since the 30s of the last century. Any visitor will be able to see many unique toys here. Suppose the museum’s collection contains a Soviet toy transformer - a horse turning into a tractor, as well as an exact copy of a sewing machine. There is even a small baby doll with the face of Lenin. The exhibits themselves are usually classified in three categories: handicraft toys, mass production toys and national toys.

If we consider mass-produced toys, then each of the museum visitors will be able to see the entire evolution of toy production, as well as find out how toys were made in Soviet times, and why a commission was convened before the release of the new toy, which determined its political suitability. If you want to learn more about national toys, then attentive guides will tell you about what they are made of, in which place these toys were made, and what this or that element means. Well, of course, we will not forget about the author's toys, which are a work of art.

In conclusion, we can say that the museum’s collection is now constantly updated with new exhibits. Perhaps that’s why “National Toy Museum of Ukraine” considered one of the largest toy museums in Europe.

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