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Museum of the Kiev Astronomical Observatory, Ukraine

Museum of the Kiev Astronomical Observatory, Ukraine

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One of the most wonderful museums in Ukraine is rightfully considered "Museum of the Kiev Astronomical Observatory". Let's talk about this in more detail.

A few words about the history of the observatory

The observatory has more than 160 years of history.. All this time, the observatory was engaged in the study of stars and space. At the moment, the Kiev observatory has a very great international fame and widespread acceptance in the scientific community. After all, the observatory acts not only as a research center, but also as a scientific and educational institution, which for many years has been developing the horizons of people and gathers within its walls all who want to learn more about stars, space, black holes, planets and much more. friend.

Observatory building

Speaking about the museum, in no case should we forget about the building itself, in which the museum is located. Firstly, the observatory is in itself an unusual building, in which they are engaged in very unusual affairs. Secondly, the building is considered an architectural monument, and to be precise, a state-owned architectural monument. Thirdly, this wonderful building was designed by the very famous architect of that time, Vincent Beretti, who was able to take into account all the little things, and completely built the building according to European standards. And fourthly, the building was built in 1845, and is in itself a historical monument. All this in a compartment makes the value of the museum building and observatory extremely high from all points of view: historical, architectural and cultural.

About the museum

The idea of ​​creating a museum appeared in the 30s of the last century, but it was realized only in 1945, on the day of the 100th anniversary of the observatory. Then a small “corner” was organized, which told about the history of astronomical discoveries and the observatory. Time passed, the exposition increased, and in 1988, the “corner” received the official status of the museum. Today, anyone can touch the history of such a science as astronomy through the exhibits of this beautiful museum.

If you visited the city of Kiev, then you have many reasons to go to "Museum of the Kiev Astronomical Observatory".

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