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Joshua Reynolds - biography and paintings

Joshua Reynolds - biography and paintings

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Sir Joshua Reynolds - famous English painter and portrait painter. Initially, his parents wanted him to become a physician, but when he saw his abilities, in 1741 the boy was sent to study in the studio of Thomas Hudson, which was located in London. There, the young artist studied for only three years, after which he decided to return to Plymton.

In his hometown, Reynolds opens his workshop, where he works on portraits. Feeling that he is not yet experienced enough, the painter goes to London. In the capital, Joshua receives knowledge from representatives of the old school of artists, then, tries himself in an independent style.

In 1749, Reynolds begins his journey through Europe. He fulfills his dream of seeing the world through his acquaintance with Augustus Keppel. This sailor was ordered to sail to the Mediterranean Sea, and invited the young artist to keep him company. First, the painter visited Menorca (one of the islands off the coast of Spain). From there, Joshua went to Rome, where for several years he studied ancient Greco-Roman sculpture and Italian painting. Also, the artist lived in Paris for about a month. Having completed his wanderings, in 1753 Reynolds finally moved to London. In the capital, he becomes a very popular portrait painter. Some of his works are kept in museums in the UK, Germany, Spain, and Russia.

After 1760, a classic style can be traced in his paintings. And in 1768, he was elected to the post of president of the Royal Academy, which he did not leave until the end of his life.

Joshua was successful not only in art. In early July 1774, he became a doctor of law at the University of Oxford. After that, the most productive period of his life begins. Reynolds continues to paint portraits of beautiful women and children, and is fond of mythology.

In 1781, he went to Germany and Holland, in 1783, visited Flanders. A year later, the artist was appointed court painter of the English king. In 1789, the artist began to have serious health problems and Reynolds ceased to see with one eye. February 23, 1792, the painter, portrait painter, speaker and just a great man die.

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