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Museum of the human body in the Netherlands

Museum of the human body in the Netherlands

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If you were driving along the highway Amsterdam - The Hague, then you could not help but notice the huge, 35-meter human body made of steel - this human body museum called corpus, which, as you already understood, is located in the Netherlands.

The construction of the museum began in 2006, but the idea of ​​its creation arose in 1996. The museum was inaugurated on March 20, 2008. It should be noted that about $ 27 million was spent on the construction of the building.

As you can see in the first photo, the human statue protrudes one side into the building next to it. This building has 7 floors, and it is also very pretty. The place for the museum was chosen for a long time. At first it was decided to build it in Amsterdam, but then they abandoned this idea, because it would be inconvenient to get to it - we would have to cross the river through the ferry. And it’s good that it happened because now the museum of the human body can be seen even from the plane.

The builders of the building took care of the iron man. Since it is made of steel, over time, the building will still be subject to corrosion, so smart, structural steel was used in its construction. Now, even if rust appears somewhere, the corrosion process will not extend to the entire building, but will remain only on the affected block.

Excursion inside the human body

You probably are already eager to find out how the tour goes. First, you fall into the giant’s knee, and from there you continue the path throughout the body, and end the tour in the brain. This action lasts about an hour. Just want to note that there are audio guides in many languages, including Russian.

The museum was created in order to show people how the body works, how certain processes occur inside our body. The developers completed their task at 5+. In addition to the work of our organs, you will also learn how red blood cells are formed; how the body releases antibodies if a splinter enters the body; what happens when a person sneezes, when he sleeps, when he is injured, etc.

Throughout the tour, sounds that actually occur in our body are heard. All these processes are simulated very accurately, and they can be observed on huge monitors in the museum. Since the museum was not even 10 years old, it becomes clear that it is equipped with the latest innovations in the field of visual and sound effects. We can say that this is a kind of 5-D cinema.

The cost of a ticket to the human body museum is about 15 euros. This is the only museum in the world of its kind. Children will also have fun in the museum, as it is allowed to touch the exhibits with their hands!

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