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The guard in the forest, I. I. Shishkin

The guard in the forest, I. I. Shishkin

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The guard in the forest - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 73x56

The guardhouse in the forest is I.'s amazing masterpiece. However, something attracts us to contemplate this picture for a long time, as if hoping to find an encrypted message in it. Well, such a masterpiece cannot be just a picture written in the mood. What immediately catches your eye is the tall birch trees on either side of the road. They stretch upward - closer to the sun.

Dark green tones prevail in the picture and only in the background we see grass and foliage of trees lit by the rays of the sun. The ray of the sun also falls on the wooden gatehouse, thereby highlighting it in the picture. She is the main highlight of the masterpiece - the most striking detail. The picture is striking in its volume. When you look at it, you feel the depth - it seems that the viewer is surrounded by trees from all sides and beckoned forward.

The forest depicted by Shishkin seems dense. It is not so easy to break through sunlight through it, but in the very center of the picture - where the gatehouse stands, we see a gap. The painting is imbued with the admiration of nature and at the same time expresses the contrast between nature and man. What is this gatehouse compared to the mighty pine trunks and tall birch trees? Only a small speck in the middle of the forest.

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