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Roerich Museum in New York

Roerich Museum in New York

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There are not many visitors - a little over 200 people a week. Here now is what remains of the 29-story skyscraper of the Roerich Institute and the museum, which housed over 1000 of his paintings.

Roerich in the USA had once influential patrons, one of them was Minister of Agriculture Henry Wallace, who financed an expedition to the Gobi Desert to search for drought-resistant herbs. However, Roerich seemed to have his own plans, including the creation of a mystical Roerich state, which was reported to the US government. An intelligence agent wrote that Roerich put the United States in a ridiculous and even ridiculous situation.

Louis Horsch, a financier and a gambler who had previously funded Roerich’s expedition to Asia, in which he allegedly found evidence of Christ’s preaching in India, also found relations with Roerich ridiculous and ridiculous, and billed him $ 200,000 for a skyscraper and other expenses. As a result, the skyscraper and a significant part of the collection were confiscated.

Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich is little known in modern America, and even less so is this tiny museum at the western end of 107th street in upper Manhattan, housed in a mansion with stairs covered with linoleum and a worn carpet on the floor. In 1949, thanks to Zinaida Grigoryevna Fosdik - co-founder of the Roerich Institute, the museum reopened. The mansion was purchased with money from a group of American friends of N. Roerich.

The museum exists at the expense of donations and membership fees, there are only 4 employees here, including the 82-year-old director, Daniel Entin. Nobody gets a salary here, except for an accountant. Everything rests on enthusiasm and selflessness.

Now out of more than 7 thousand paintings by Nikolai Konstantinovich scattered around the world, only a little more than 200 are exhibited here, and even this is considered his largest collection. The magnificent mystical paintings of wild lands from Mount Hira in Arabia to Everest in Tibet, from Sinai to the forests of Siberia were used by Roerich as a backdrop for St. Sergius, Magomed and Krishna. His paintings are a window to other worlds, unknown to the uninitiated. According to Entin, those who come here are not art lovers, for them these paintings are a message, a great message, and therefore great paintings.

And I want to believe that the message will be heard, and the work of the great Russian artist and foreign philosopher Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich will become as revered in the cultural history of mankind as they are revered in Tibet and India.

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