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On a turf bench, Repin, 1876

On a turf bench, Repin, 1876

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On the turf bench - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 36 x 56 cm

The work of the great master depicts a hot noon. The depicted group, no doubt, poses for the artist.

Compositionally, the group can be divided into the center and two extreme figures. In the center is an elderly couple (parents of Repin's wife) and a girl with needlework (sister of Repin's wife). The central group seems unhappy with their role. The artist's attention weighs on them. But the woman (Vera Alekseevna Repina - the artist’s wife), sitting on the left, enjoys posing. The man on the right (husband of the sister of Repin’s wife) took a picture pose, his attitude towards the process was condescending and frivolous. Only a couple of children playing on the grass (Vera and Nadia - the daughters of Repin) behave naturally and organically.

The plot of the painting is set in the hot summer, laced with lush greenery, which gives the work an atmosphere of carefree relaxation and quiet family happiness.

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