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Museum of the Football Club Barcelona

Museum of the Football Club Barcelona

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Probably due to the climate, football, supposedly invented by the British, has become more popular in Spain than in England. This oldest club in Spain, which is “More than a club” (Més que un club) is his motto, has existed since 1899. And only in 1984 at the initiative of Jose Luis Nunez - his president in 1978-2000, was a museum created to perpetuate the glorious, almost centuries-old sports path of FC Barcelona, ​​full of victories and disappointments.

Oddly enough, to see the museum at the stadium, but this is just so - such is its specificity. Here, in the premises of FC Barcelona stadium, all the expositions of the museum of the football club (FC Barcelona Museu) are located, occupying over 3500 m2. After a long reconstruction, during which the museum was equipped with modern equipment and streamlined the exhibition, it reopened in 2010.

The first section of the exposition included the whole history of the famous club. Here are a lot of photos and documents, starting from the day of its creation. Through the huge interactive 3D screen replacing the walls, you can turn on the video of the best goals scored. And some tragic pages are also mentioned in these exhibits. For example, in 1936, the president of the club, José Signola, was killed by soldiers of General Franco. But the times of dictatorships have sunk into oblivion, and only museum expositions remind of this ...

The second part of the museum is - the so-called Football Art. This is a private collection of artistic and sculptural works of art related to football and FC Barcelona itself. The collection includes works by such famous Spanish artists as Tapies, Dali and some others. Agree, Dali at the stadium - this is original!

The third section contains all artifactsrelated to the history of the club. Here is the first form of the team, and the first coat of arms, all the trophies, or their exact copies that they have ever won. There are relics associated with sports battles. For example, Ronald Cuman’s boots, in which he snatched the club’s victory in the European Cup finals in 1992. Here are Leo Messi’s golden boots, Diego Maradona’s shirt, and many other rarities that only a real fan can appreciate. And looking at the line to the stadium, once again we are convinced that the world is divided into 2 categories - fans and everyone else.

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