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Jamon Museum, Madrid, Spain

Jamon Museum, Madrid, Spain

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An unprepared Russian ear, having heard about the Jamon Museum in Madrid, may present a classical museum with some exotic monuments of Spanish culture or think that it is some kind of ruler or other especially important historical character. This is not surprising, because the word "jamon" is familiar to few. Jamon (Spanish “jamn”, literally translated as “ham”) is a Spanish national dish, dried pork ham.

There are two main types of this delicacy - jamon serrano and jamon iberico. The main difference is that the first is prepared from ordinary, white pigs familiar to us, while the second is obtained from a special breed of the so-called “Iberian black pigs”, which were fed with acorns of a unique stone oak. Visually, the second one is characterized by a characteristic marbling of meat and a black hoof. The price of serrano is around 8-15 euros per kilogram, while some varieties of Iberico reach 150 euros.

Among other things, when buying, you must take into account the thinness of the cut. It is very important. You will understand everything as soon as you see everything with your own eyes. In Spain, they even hold competitions for the thinnest and longest piece.

The Hamon Museum is rather a big market. There is a huge selection of sausages, freshly baked bread, cheeses, and pastries here. And, of course, jamon. This is a very pleasant and comfortable place. On the ground floor, especially in the evenings, you can meet many companies of local Spaniards who came in after a hard day to eat a meat sandwich. The ground floor is somewhat reminiscent of a fast-food cafe. After purchasing a meal, you can eat at the bar. This is undoubtedly cheaper and faster, but if you want a nice and comfortable lunch, you are on the second floor. The prices here are slightly higher, but the service is already at the restaurant level. You will be offered the most complete menu. In addition, each chef has a specialty dish that is unique and memorable.

Tourists are a common sight here, so no one will glance at you. Museum visitors will be offered a tasting menu, all of the highest quality, at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the museums of Jamon can be found only in Madrid, so to visit this wonderful place, you have to go here. In total, five such unique museums are open in the Spanish capital.

If you are in Madrid, then you must definitely visit this extraordinary place. Here you can feel the spirit of simple Spanish life and get an unforgettable taste and aesthetic experience.

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