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Fragonard Perfume Museum, Paris, France

Fragonard Perfume Museum, Paris, France

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Museum business has always been part of politics. If the state does this, then God himself ordered the private entrepreneur to do the same.

Perfume Museum in Paris Located near the Grand Opera. The owner of the museum is a perfume company with a very high-profile name Fragonard. The museum itself is not very large and, conditionally, it can be divided into three parts.

Museum exposition

Part one - the history of perfumery, technology, composition, etc. This is the main exposition of the museum. Everything will be interesting, from the map on which those countries from which the most varied aromatic raw materials for perfumes are brought to incredible distillation apparatuses (frankly speaking, they remind more of exquisitely made moonshines). A large collection of vials, bottles, bottles of the most incredible configurations made of the most unexpected materials. And all this wealth is located in the halls of the mansion, furnished with antique furniture. The smells in the museum are so dense and complex that many begin to sneeze and cough, someone even gets a headache. Fortunately, the tour is fast enough.

The second part of the museum - interior items, expensive trinkets, interior decorations. It is not very clear how this exposition is related to the main theme of the museum, but the exhibits themselves will undoubtedly interest many.

Shop at the perfume museum

The third part is the store. It is impossible to pass it in any way. Jewelry, trinkets made of precious metals with a compartment for perfumes, clothes (cotton and silk wraps) and many other things with the company logo. Of course, here you can also get the perfume itself, about which you already learn a lot. The guide will surely tell you that all the famous aromas of the leading manufacturers of perfumes are borrowed from the owner of the museum. It is impossible to verify this, because by this moment your nose will want only peace, shocked by the abundance of smells.

The store offers whole sets of 5 smells (300 euros), small bottles (15 ml - 26 euros), medium bottles (30 to 60 ml - 37 to 55 euros), large bottles (120 ml - 85 euros). Vendors vow to assure that more persistent and delicate aromas are nowhere to be found. To be honest to the end, they lie. The quality of the goods offered is low.

The museum is open seven days a week. Guided tours are ongoing. There is no need to pay for visiting the museum. All revenues depend on the store. Therefore, it is here that the guide tries the most.

Paris is a great city with so many interesting things besides the Fragonard Museum. Of course, you can go there to hear a lot of new and interesting things. But buying there is definitely not worth anything.

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