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Picture Autumn morning, Myasoedov, 1893

Picture Autumn morning, Myasoedov, 1893

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Autumn morning - Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov. 88x70

Autumn landscapes are especially loved by artists. The variegation that nature gives at this time is distinguished by a special bright sadness.

Before us is a forest generously painted in the fall. A brook hiding in the fallen leaves, as if hiding in a blanket in anticipation of winter frosts. The islands of summer greenery still remind of a warm and dry season. The sky is hidden by foliage and branches, but, apparently, the day will be clear. The thick and viscous autumn sun has already painted the bark of trees in a reddish color. The fog is not yet completely dispersed. So far, only a riot of colorful autumn leaves makes the forest smart, almost fabulous.

Warm, yellow color occupies the largest area of ​​the landscape. Red picks it up, balances the color palette - brown, brown. Violet floral splashes complete the color spectrum of the work.

Only one detail speaks of the presence of a person in the landscape - the stump in the foreground, undoubtedly, remained from a sawn tree.

The picture creates a special, complex atmosphere: on the one hand, the autumn forest cannot but admire its colorfulness, on the other hand, the author clearly hints that very soon bright and cheerful colors will give way to inexpressive and sad ones. The approach of winter is felt in every bright leaf, in every blade of grass.

The viewer's gaze follows the stream, which goes further into the forest. The misty blue against the background of the landscape seems mysterious and attractive.

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Autumn is especially rich in warm colors, but involuntarily evokes sadness, because cold winter will come for it. Charming and amazingly beautiful natural wilting is captured in this canvas with special skill. The artist managed to convey not only the mood of an autumn day in the forest, but also a special perspective, which is formed by small details in the foreground and the mighty old trees that go into the distance.

It seems that the golden color of the falling leaves prevails in the picture - the surface of the earth is densely dotted with variegated leaves in all shades of yellow. Some of them still firmly hold on to the branches, depriving the forest of characteristic winter transparency. This makes it clear that there is at least a month before winter, and there is time to enjoy the last warm days.

There are so many leaves on the earth that they seem to be a single soft blanket with which nature carefully covers the forest and its inhabitants from future cold weather. The leaflet is sprinkled with a small stream, which is barely guessed under its layer. Along its shores, the grass is still green, and this very animates the landscape. The forest looks untouched by a human hand, and only a stump in the foreground from a clearly sawn trunk makes it clear that people managed to visit this quiet natural protected area.

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