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Woman with a Head of Roses, Salvador Dali, 1935

Woman with a Head of Roses, Salvador Dali, 1935

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Woman with a head of roses - Salvador Dali. 35x27

The work is filled with symbols, hopes and fears of the artist. The outfit is not ready, the falling fabric, transforming into tenacious male hands, does not want to let go of the thin figure. The second friend thought about the pattern of the future outfit. The fragility of models is successfully emphasized by an egg on a white unstable board.

The background of the canvas is interesting. A lone male figure carefully examines a dog's head with rocks on top of its head. Rocks are an obstacle; a dog's head is frightening fidelity. Obstacle, difficulty, difficulty - loyalty to a man has always been one of the fears in dealing with women. Fear and the attractiveness of sin, on the one hand, attractiveness and temptation, on the other.

The rising sun will soon destroy the illusion. Long shadows will disappear. Female figures will regain their earthly features, fears will disappear, ready to return at any moment.

The color scheme is rich, all the colors of the work are connected in the dress of a pensive lady, only a bright belt, aggressive red color, reveals the inner mood.

The artist’s fantasy experiments are nothing more than a creative rethinking of the early finds of artists of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, using the symbolic meaning of objects to reveal the idea of ​​work.

The flower head of the heroine is an attempt to convey the author’s special relationship, to emphasize the attractiveness, fragility, and illusory nature of the model.

The work is filled with freedom, airy void. The author leaves the viewer with six objects on an ideal plane, divided into thin strips. The horizon is empty, it limits the infinity in which the plot of the work unfolds.

The outfit will never be ready. Work is an attempt to fix the continuous and eternal process of the relationship between beauty and man.

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