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Old and New Pinakothek, Pinakothek of modern times, Munich

Old and New Pinakothek, Pinakothek of modern times, Munich

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Any museum in the world can envy the collection of this art gallery. Already in the first half of the 19th century, on Sundays, the entrance to the gallery was free, which ensured an unprecedented tide of the city public. And today on a rare day there is no queue.

The entire collection of picturesque masterpieces is divided between the three museums according to the chronological principle. IN Old Pinakothek painting is presented from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, in New Pinakothek the best examples of painting of the 19th and early 20th centuries are collected, and in Pinakothek of modern times You can get acquainted with the works of masters of the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. All collections are united by one idea, a single program, despite the fact that the collections are in different buildings.

About the exposition of the Old Pinakothek

The exposition of the Old Pinakothek is located on two floors specifically for the gallery of the built mansion. The first floor is divided into two parts: The left wing is given for temporary exhibitions, which continuously replace each other; The right wing acquaints the public with the works of Flemish and German masters of the 15-17th centuries. The works of Peter Brueghel, Lucas Cranach are full of solemnity, temperament and drama.

On the second floor, the spirit of a restrained but powerful northern Renaissance reigns. It all starts with the work of the Dutchman Lucas van Leiden, then the viewer falls under the charm of the great Dürer and the inimitable Stefan Lochner. Then there are halls with paintings by Italian geniuses: Botticelli, Perugino, Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci. The number of masterpieces is breathtaking. The Italians are replaced by the Flemings: Van Dyck, Jordaens, Rubens. The Flemings are followed by the Dutch: Rembrandt, Hals.

The right wing houses a collection of Baroque and Rococo paintings. Represented by Italian, French, German art. A chic collection of works by the Spaniards El Greco and Murillo.

The gallery building is currently undergoing renovation, so some rooms may be closed. In this regard, the administration reduced entrance fees from 7 to 4 euros. For temporary exhibitions you will have to pay an additional 3 euros (there is an opportunity to purchase a combined ticket and save a little). According to the tradition laid down by King Ludwig the First, on Sundays, admission is 1 euro.

After exploring the collection of the Old Pinakothek, rest is necessary. Do not try to catch it all at once and all in one day. It will not lead to anything but a headache and nightmares. Ahead is the New Pinakothek.

New Pinakothek Collection

The collection of this part of the Pinakothek pleases visitors with an excellent collection of works by masters of romanticism, classicism, and realism. Gradually, the strict styles of the first half of the 19th century were replaced by the rebellious creations of the Impressionists, as well as the works of Cubists, Expressionists, etc. If in the first half of the gallery you can enjoy the sensual Johan Dahl and Gustave Courbet, then the second part is Monet, Degas, Picasso, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Mayol.

Unlike the Old Pinakothek, here, in addition to paintings, sculpture is also presented.

Entrance to this part of the gallery - 7 euros. For temporary exhibitions need to pay extra.

Pinakothek of the present

The third part of the Munich art gallery - Pinakothek of the present. This part includes four different exhibitions on contemporary painting, graphics, architecture and design. In fact, they are separate assemblies. Everyone can find here something especially interesting and close. Someone will like the work of surrealists, someone will admire the bizarre layouts of the best architects in the world, someone will be delighted by the creations of designers. Unexpected compositions, original color and spatial solutions. It is full of surprises.

This part of the pinakothek is the most expensive - admission 10 euros.

Pinakothek invites visitors to purchase a daily ticket to visit all parts. This allows you to seriously save money, but only one thing remains unclear - is it possible to inspect everything in one day. However, if you move through the halls of the gallery, then ... =)

Enjoy your conversation with the beautiful!

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