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Art Zone 798, Beijing, China

Art Zone 798, Beijing, China

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Perhaps, it was difficult to come up with the best application of an empty plant built according to the German project, which once produced products for the needs of the Chinese army. Huge empty rooms were placed at the disposal of artists who previously lived in the neighborhood.

The interiors of the Art Zone are the best suited for numerous galleries, exhibition halls, cafes, clubs and salons.

This place attracts, first of all, lovers of modern, controversial, non-standard art. The organizers did not begin to destroy the old slogans of the time of Mao Zedong, red hieroglyphs inscribed on high walls. Some equipment remaining after the closure of the plant was not exported either. All this creates in this place a completely unique artistic atmosphere.

The viewer is offered numerous sculptures, paintings, installations. Performances and happenings organized by the best artists of China and around the world are constantly held on the territory of the art zone. The exhibition program is rich in surprises, and the exposition is constantly updated.

Perhaps this is the only place in China where, in addition to the works of local artists, schools of contemporary art from around the world are represented. Here, artists from the USA, Japan, Europe opened their expositions. The art zone is a favorite place for presentations of new collections of clothes from the best fashion designers. Promotions held here are remarkable in scope, originality and scale.

The complex has several cafes, there are also restaurants. In numerous stores and shops you can buy not only works of art, but also many of the most unexpected souvenirs, clothes from the most famous fashion houses, other useful and high-quality products of the artistic market.

For entering the art zone no fee. The traditional day off, as in most museums is Monday.

Going to art zone 798, you need to plan at least half a day. Run here for a couple of hours - not really see anything.

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